Girl Power!

Who said girls can’t drive rickshaws?! Well the Rickshawali’s can! =D

The Bandit Queens!

Yes that’s right a group of 4 thrill seeking girls have hit the streets of India to show that we are just as skilled as the boys when it comes to dodging the cows, the ditches and people who drive on the wrong side of the road!

From the first moment we got into the rickshaw, people could not believe their eyes, when a girl, yes a girl sat in the driving seat. Someone even commented ‘ladkiiiii! aage bethhi hain, kya baat hain?!’ which means, ‘A girl sitting in the front, what the hell?!’ This reaction amazed us and made us realise the impact we were going to make taking on the streets of India.

As if staring in utter shock wasn’t enough, we have had incidences where people on motor bikes have slowed down to take pictures of us, and on one special occasion there was even talk of a marriage proposal!

We think it’s safe to say we’ve done it all now; the highways, the side roads, the village dirt tracks and even the single lanes winding steep hills! Over taking on these roads is a difficult job, especially when you have a massive lorry heading towards you in the opposite direction, but with aggression and persistent horning we have overpowered the big bullying trucks! When we were first training on the roads we overtook a lorry, and an old man sitting in the back of a rickshaw in front of us started dancing and teasing the lorry driver, shouting ‘yeh ladkine tumko haladiya!’ which means ‘This girl shook you up!’ We found this absolutely hilarious! Even the girls are surprised to see us drive, but the huge smiles on their faces show us that we are taking a step in the right direction to change this gender inequality in India, as well as having the most impact in increasing awareness for our cause.

As well as all the attention from the general public, the authorities are quick to pull us over when a girl is behind the steering, as for them it is so surreal and this leads straight to suspicion. With explanations of our great charity trip and our letter from Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi there are no problems, and we get straight back to doing what we do best, showing up our lads! :P

To prove the girls are the best yet again, we set a bargaining challenge in Jodhpur Market, where we had to buy 5 items with Rs.200 (£2.50) and return with the most change. Firstly we went to the pharmacy to buy soap for the boys present, 1kg of clementine’s from the fruitwala, a scarf for Jay (our trainer), a music CD  with a specific song and a bottle of Bisleri water. Our total spend was Rs.95 whilst the boys spent a whopping Rs. 150! Moral of the challenge is that don’t try to challenge the girls when it comes to bargaining…we have that natural charm, sorry lads!

All in all – GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN – we are totally rocking it yaar!

Aarti: “It feels so good to be behind the steering and experiencing the crazy roads of India! The reactions from the public is the icing on the cake and makes the drive that much more exciting! I am loving it and considering buying a Rickshaw for London!”


Dilisha: “I can’t believe we are finally out here doing this! I feel so proud to be representing girls all over the world by being chosen to be 1 of the top 3 drivers of the entire group!”


Janvi: “The whole feel of the crazy hustle and bustle of the Indian roads is a completely new experience and a challenge. We have definitely set the bar high for the lads! We just have to make sure we don’t bring back these driving habits of beeping the horn and over taking vehicles 24-7 to London!


Raveena: “ It is such an amazing feeling to be driving on these lively streets of India. I am certainly kept on my toes with the never ending obstacles but I’ve surprised the entire team with my skilful 3-wheeler driving compared to my crazy London road rage!”


The Rickshawalis!


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