The Rickshawalas

The CARE Youth Team was setup by a group of passionate young individuals who want to ensure the future of the fantastic work that CARE has achieved to far. The team have already organised various fundraising events and volunteered at CARE sponsored projects, providing expertise and hands on help. We want to do something different from the regular attempt of fundraising that we see every day. The CARE Youth Team’s latest challenge is to raise money and increase awareness for CARE by visiting their projects in India, travelling solely by driving their own auto-rickshaws.

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Nirav - The team leader, also known as Nandu from Changanacherry. This crazy idea was his baby, he is the ultimate Rickshawala, equipped with his very own dhoti and dirty vest. When he is not coming out with new ideas on how to pimp his Rickshaw he can be found on the farm with a herd of cows. He is also most likely to come back with a wife!

Our deputy in charge, our little tappu. On the Run we have to be careful that she won’t get blown over by force winds. Been a great help at the Rickshawala headquarters in providing all members with ample supply of chai. She is most likely to expand her current fan base and get stalked by freshies to come back with a handful of marriage proposals!

Dilisha- Also known as Dilichee, fulfilling her role as a typical woman to keep us in line. The one with endless to do lists, she’s always coming up with things for us to do. She will not be feared by the dangerous and life threatening conditions India’s roads will have to offer! She is the mama Rickshaw! Anyone who gets in her way better watch out!

Kushan – The nuttiest of them all! The social queen and the practical genius! Kushan is in charge of personnel, he is the glue that kept the team together. A big part of the route construction. We all think he is most likely to get left behind with the locals as he is in confusion of whether he is a Rajasthani jatt or a gambariyo farmer. He never shys away of really getting involved, keeping us constantly entertained with his indian songs and stories, always making up the best scenarios. Never will you meet a more dedicated Rickshawala!

Bhavik – Our media head, our official camera man. The creative brains behind the scenes. This Rickshawala has been on the roads of India and captured the real Indian life. He is heading the filming of the entire project. We just have to be careful that he doesn’t get forgotten with the locals, he could blend in, our Shivasantam Bhavichee. Voted to most likely forget his luggage in a hotel room but have his camera by his side!

Kavi – Our sponsorship leader, in charge of getting the funds together. He is also most likely to encounter bowel problems, aka shitting his chuddies. We shall be aware to steer clear! Always providing the group with entertainment with his vulnerability to believe anything we tell him! If you do happen to be travelling through India whilst we are there, watch out for him squatting on the side of the road.

Nishil – Our helper, jack of all trades, master of none, helping with the route and media preparation. He has been voted most likely to take the wrong turning and end up in a ditch! He has informed us of all potential dangers on the route, including well known bandit territory, single lane roads with high risks of lorries pushing us off the cliff. All in all a vital member of the team!

Raveena – Our medical research personnel, well informed of potential health dangers. She is most likely to oversleep and get left behind due to her lack of timekeeping! Without her, our medical preparations would have stagnated. Any medical or health questions, she’s our go to person.

Aarti - The late addition to the group, in charge of adding to endless lists of contact details, should have spent most her time on google. She is known as lambiben because she longs everything out! She will probably end up takin us down the long route which is a lot more rockier than down a smooth short cut! She will keep spirits up and keep us dancing through out the trip!

Kushal – The one who’s doing everything but is not actually coming. Our Tech whiz kid and in charge of the logistic support help desk live from the UK. His only outings from his computer cupboard involve dodgy dealings, that we can not mention. Some say he dreams HTML code, and that he has more space on his hard drive than his brain, all we know is he’s called KrazyK. Most likely to get a blue screen and require a full reboot.

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