We are carrying out this adventure to raise awareness for CAREducation Trust and the amazing work they do.

CAREducation Trust UK (CARE) was founded in 1997 to support a cause that all individuals can empathise with. Its objective is simple; bettering the lives of children through education. There are over 70 million children that do not go to school worldwide and at least half of these live in India and Africa in absolute poverty. Without this support many children would be destitute and would be forced to continue their lives in poverty and illiteracy. CARE opens the door to opportunities to break this circle of deprivation and change their futures.

CARE focuses on one of the UN Millennium Development Goals, of ensuring by the year 2015 children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.

Not all children are born with the same opportunities; CARE gets involved at the grassroots level to improve the lives of such vulnerable children. CARE strongly believes in equipping impoverished children with tools such as education and/or a vocational training, to provide them the opportunity of a self-sufficient improved quality of life. CARE currently offers assistance in the following ways:

  1. Providing education amongst children & young persons
  2. Vocational training
  3. Providing grants for higher education
  4. Child health & welfare
  5. Getting the street children off the streets
  6. Freeing children from child labour
  7. Freeing children from abuse and exploitation
  8. Help to enforce childrens rights

No child is born to suffer.

Together as a team we propose to journey across India in the aid to raise awareness and support the CAREducation Trust.

We want to do something different from the regular attempt of fundraising that we see every day; therefore we have come up with the idea of completing our very own personal to CARE Rickshaw Run.

We would start at the CARE centre in Navchetan in Bhuj and travel to Manali, where there is a school in the mountains, which desperately require assistance. The entire journey would take approximately 12-14 days, this expedition would be undertaken solely by rickshaw.

We aim to have 4 Rickshaws each with 3 drivers, and donate them at the end point for the school in Manali, where transportation is limited.

Along our journey we are planning to stop at various CARE Centres that lie on our route. We want to spend a little time with the children there and simultaneously film and document the work that is carried out. This footage would then be compiled into a short documentary.

We plan to end this experience with a trek in the hills of Manali.

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